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Artist Statement

The artists work draws upon the natural world. Using the premise that bright colours can represent danger / poison, the intricate structures and patterns within the artists work is Marked & influenced by the Revels of their audience, and are a culmination of natural and man made shapes and forms. These are taken from our very own constructed and manufactured environments.

“My work aims to incorporate many elements from the natural world which have such beauty and appeal. Whilst they are visually so alluring, an intended design, they can also hold hidden and costly dangers. The circle of life is both beautiful and bitter sweet in its uncompromising persistence to evolve.”

This artists work is a comment on life and how the designs from nature, (the alluring and brightly coloured elements), can be adapted and constructed to fit into societal models which are used to contain, gag and control those who are captivated and dazzled by its beauty and design.

This artist continues to explore/imagine fascinating biological forms and metaphorical structures that are highly successful in delivering their intended outcomes.

Hi-Pod Design

The brightly coloured elements which adorn the Hi-Pod are fast becoming a trademark of this artist. The use of bright colours plays with ideas that within the natural world these colours can be used as warnings of danger to some species and yet acts like an advertisement for other species. Whether it be for attracting a mate or more sinister for attracting prey. We as a society have adopted similar systems. We use bright vivid colours to highlight danger, yet use the same colours to advertise products, services and to highlight campaigns for various causes, institutions and organisations.

Ambiguity of what the bright colours mean in relation to the Hi-Pod can be left to the viewer to decide. Is it a warning of what may lie ahead for us should we fall on hard times or of how society as a collective is becoming desensitised to the plight of others? Could this become your future dwelling? Or is it more an advert for the lack of resources we have in relation to Homelessness? Are we now ‘Going Viral’? The organic and spherical forms are imagined single cells, the nucleus within these cells are representative of an aerial shot of a home, of ‘You’, as if looking down on plan at a building within its grounds. The large spiked sphere makes up the organism that is representative of ‘Society’. It is from this ‘Organism’ that these ‘Single Cells’ (each individual) either gravitate and integrate and create this ‘Organism’, or are unsuccessful in integrating and are therefore ‘cast out’. It is from within the ‘Societal Organism’ protection is offered to all those single cells who conform and fall on the right side of democracy.

The Text ‘TEENAGE DREAMS SO HARD TO BEAT…’ which once was an iconic symbol on a road in Belfast makes reference to the hopes and dreams we project upon our future merged with the realities we face as we move towards achieving our dreams. Some dreams come true…..and for those that don’t ……nightmares can become our realities.

“One of the oldest human needs is having someone to wonder where you are when you don't come home at night.” - (Margaret Mead).

Along the opening of the Hi-pod there is a verse that is intended for the occupant to read whilst inside or on exit of the pod, it is there to encourage the growth of self esteem:

"Grant me the wit to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference."

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